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Our Mission

The CEMFA program is designed to provide safety and opportunities for healing, growth and self-determination.

Our Goal

To help these mothers become independent financially and emotionally so they never have to subject themselves or their children to domestic violence again.

Just imagine for a moment if sitting in front of you was a mother with her children who was frustrated, afraid, and was sincerely looking for options to better her situation. Well, after over 15 years in the Auto Dealership business this is the exact situation that we at DL Auto Lux were presented with very recently. This woman was looking to buy a car but, unfortunately, did not have the resources to buy one. Although all we could do on that day was give this mother some information about places that might be able to help her, that situation continued to hang in our minds to this very day.

After doing some serious research on the problem domestic violence that women with children coming out of serious, abusive situations were facing, we found that most of these women were not only without the funds for transportation, but in many cases they left the situation with only the clothes on their backs. We also found that there was a definite need for an organization that could not only provide cars, but provide cars that are in a condition that would be useful in the long run. So at long last, Children's Emergency Move From Abuse CEMFA 501(c)(3) was born The goal of CEMFA is simple: to provide these families with a car that will be completely paid for and not require any money out of their pocket which includes covering car, taxes, license fees for the recipients.

Founder: Doris Hamilton, Ford

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