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Children's Emergency Move From Abuse (CEMFA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity working directly with shelters for women suffering from domestic abuse and is funded by private donations alone. The guidelines and who qualifies for these vehicles have been set by these shelters.

CEMFA has the capability to buy cars at discount prices and the resources to restore these cars to a comfortable, reliable condition. This is where you can help. CEMFA will be raising funds to get cars for these mothers to become independent financially and emotionally so they never have to subject themselves or their children to domestic violence again. We are currently working with Shelters that have such women in need of this program.

And what types of cars can we provide? These cars will be 2002, or newer, 4-door sedans that will be in great running condition and look great inside and out. These cars will give the women receiving them the self-esteem and confidence they’re going to need to build a new foundation for their life. These cars will also come with a 1-year, 12,000 mile warranty and a full tank of gas at time of delivery. This is our first fundraiser to deliver 20 cars to such families.

$100 for A full day of crisis support for a victim.
$500 for Five full day of crisis support for a victim.
$1000 for Ten full day of crisis support for a victim.
$5000 for Fifty full day of crisis support for a victim.

Local towing at no cost to you.
Fast pickup. Within 1-2 Days.
Tax deductible.
Simple online donation form.
Small Cash donation welcome.
Cash, Credit Cards donation.
TAX ID#/EIN 46-1119680
By Credit Card
By Check
Donate A Car