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Through your contribution, you will have a dramatic effect on a mother that has made the transition and the choice to break the cycle of abuse and taken on the leadership of and responsibility for her family.

CEMFA has the capability to buy cars at discount prices and the resources to restore these cars to a comfortable, reliable condition. This is where you can help. CEMFA will be raising funds to get cars for these mothers to become independent financially and emotionally so they never have to subject themselves or their children to domestic violence again. We are currently working with Shelters that have such women in need of this program.

And what types of cars can we provide? These cars will be 2002, or newer, 4-door sedans that will be in great running condition and look great inside and out. These cars will give the women receiving them the self-esteem and confidence they’re going to need to build a new foundation for their life. These cars will also come with a 1-year, 12,000 mile warranty and a full tank of gas at time of delivery. This is our first fundraiser to deliver 20 cars to such families.

With $175,000 dollars raised, this can be accomplished in a short time frame as it takes about a week from purchase to reconditioning for a car to be ready because we have our own shops that can do everything that’s needed to get these cars ready for the families they will be given to. If we do not reach our goal we will still deliver as many cars as can be provided.

There are various levels at which you can join our cause and we appreciate your support. We will recognize your gift through adding your company logo to our upcoming website as one of our supporters. That will tell these families in need and the community that you are involved in the success and positive growth of local communities. It takes approximately $7500 per car including tax, license fees, and warranty. Additionally, we are not charging any dealer fees for these cars. Here are some examples of the impact of your gift.

  $200   gift will cover typical license fees for a vehicle
  $800   gift will cover typical reconditioning for a vehicle
  $1,500   gift will purchase a 1-year, 12,000 mile warranty for a vehicle
  $5,000   gift will purchase a car for one family in need
  $7,500   gift will provide a car including, tax, license fees, and 1-year, 12,000 mile warranty for a family in need

CEMFA serves our local communities by aiding these families in financial need that are motivated and committed to creating a better and brighter future. Thank you for partnering with these families and best wishes in all that you wish to accomplish in the coming years.

Shelters currently supported by our program:

GOOD SHEPHERD SHELTER - Los Angeles, CA 90019.

INTERVAL HOUSE - Seal Beach, CA 90740.

Our Sincerest Thanks,

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